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New Home Sewing Machine in Cabinet, circa late 1800s

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Jan 19,  · Pink Atlas Sewing Machine I wasn’t even looking at sewing machines. I was looking at the stuff hanging on the linen rack at Goodwill. Elna Grasshopper. Class Do you have a sewing machine with the tension on the side? It is a class 15 machine. If you are looking for a manual, click the picture! LOVE these old machines! Thank Author: ~Life With Lou~.

I am going to try and update this as often as I can with stories, observations and anecdotes…. For now here are two stories that I consider to be oldies but goodies. I only liked food that tasted like sugar. Which meant that my mother had to force me to eat anything even the slightest shade of green. I would fight her by crying, whining, and stomping my feet.

Still, I held a grudge.

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A truly modern machine, in – the Elna Supermatic! I didn’t really go in search for a Supermatic, someone in a forum I read was selling one for a good price, and I had been reading about it so I decided to go for it. She didn’t know if it was working, it turned by hand but like many machines the power cord had been lost, so I got a bargain.

this is also when Singer began color coding the cases, burgundy for the slant shank, green for the straight (vertical) needle machines. They followed it along with the s buttonholer, the pink is for slant shanks, and the turquoise is for straight.

The early trademark of the New Home Company. For over years they have been producing sewing machines. Take your choice Sir! Initially producing the Gold Medal Sewing Machine. They also made the Bartlett Sewing Machines using various patents from other sewing machine manufacturers. The early Gold Medal sewing machines were stunning little chain stitch models and sold very well.

Gold Medal Octagon sewing machines were cheaper than their main competitors but that came at a price, for instance they did not bother plating their bare metal, they just polished it.


I was looking at the stuff hanging on the linen rack at Goodwill. Louie was looking at something, and when I looked at him, he smiled and raised his eyebrows at me. I went to see what he had.

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€Class 99 & 99K ELECTRICAL INFORMATION € The Singer electric motor is located at the back of the machine, and can be supplied for operation on alternating or direct current.€ Orders must state the.

This machine was made by the Swiss firm Tavaro S. The Company started manufacturing sewing machines in and the Elna was introduced in Designed by Ramon Casas it was the first modern free arm portable machine weighing It proved to be extremely popular and by was being sold in 25 countries. Manufactured until the Elna under went very minor modifications during its production most notably to the motor and its housing. Initially the Elna did not carry a model number but has since become known as the Elna No.

Dating Elna Sewing Machines For all Elna sewing machines manufactured up to and including the first digit of the machines serial number represents the year of manufacture. For example 0 could represent , , or , so this needs to be combined with a general awareness of when a particular model was introduced and any design changes made during production. From to the year of manufacture is indicated by the following letters: Produced in this machine shows signs of wear, sadly the internal electrics have been condemned, making this purely a display model.

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And some Singer machines are more saught-after than others! Here’s an article listing the Top 5 Best Vintage Singer Models , and many people who collect and sew with vintage Singer machines do love and seek out these particular models. See several photos and read even more here.

Seamstress not sure on the date for this, not really good at dating pictures but this is pretty cool. Vintage sewing machines, advertisements, graphics, prints, tools – from thimble to scissors and more. Some information about the Elna 1 Grasshopper Sewing Machine. Find this Pin and more on Vintage Sewing Machines & Notions by Susan Reis.

Tuesday, September 4, Another Machine Find Friday being the last day of the month, I headed to Goodwill because on that day everything is half price. A sewing machine in a cabinet! You can see that the cabinet looks rough but in the end, I used some Old English polish on it and it looks so much better. So here we go A close up of the machine before I raised it up!

A little grungy, so I had to do lots of cleaning. The first thing that I did was clean, oil and grease the machine. Here is the buttonholer. Everything this is there in the box and it looks like it has never been used.

Elna Supermatic How to Thread, Changing Cams, Case Features, Buttonhole and Shirt Hemming