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Amplitudes: The Mesa Boogie Blog

Once in a while a product comes along that redefines its genre, changing the way we think, and ushering in a new era. This simple yet powerful concept allows you to assign different power amplifiers to each pre-amp channel …and footswitch between them. You can match any power amp to each channel and create your own fleet of dedicated, all-tube amplifiers from input jack to speaker, from 30 watts to

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Boogie Hook Up Band Boogiehookup.. How to Hook Up Peavey Mixers. Im looking to hook my head up to two of them.

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What year is my Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Solo Head? Good Amp?

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Jun 23,  · Mesa boogie Dual rectifier head with a cabinet or Fender USA Deluxe stratocaster? Answer Questions I have a clio, I have bluetooth connectivity but can t seem to be able to play my downloaded music through the media centre?Status: Resolved.

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All Rights Reserved All text and images on this website may not be used without express permission. All prices and product information subject to change without notice. Mesa Boogie Amps Mesa amps are fixed bias and generally they are very cold. You can actually get the bias up where it should be with warmer grade’s of tubes. The Dual and Triple rectifiers are set very cold in the 6L6 mode even when in the solid state rectifier mode and the bold setting.

So even the hottest 6L6’s on the planet will still not get the bias as high as it could safely be run. When in the EL34 mode the bias is quite warm with even a moderate grade of EL34’s which is why Mesa will tell you that if you’re going to use EL34’s that you have to run them in the tube rectifier mode. The reason for this is because when the stock 5U4 rectifiers are switched in the plate voltage drops from about on average to about volts so in turn the bias goes down.

We quite often use the JJ GZ34’s in place of the 5U4’s to get a punchier and less mushy sound in the tube rec mode and the voltage drop is only about 10 volts down from the solid state diode mode. If the amp is played at high volumes with the GZ34’s then depending on your line voltage you may need to jump the fuse up from 4 amps to 5 amps. This is what Bob does in his personal Dual Rec no matter whether running a combination of 6V6’s and KT77’s or KT66’s and KT88’s because the amp is always in the tube rec mode and usually in the Bold setting where the voltage is at it’s highest.

The bias does not have to be modded and made adjustable if the proper grades of tubes are used. So if you order any of these tubes online from Eurotubes then make sure to leave us a note in the comments box on the checkout page to let us know what amp they are for so we can select the proper grade. Of course if you want ultimate control then a bias mod will allow you to dial any grade in.

Amplitudes: The Mesa Boogie Blog

Guitar Player December Letters to the editor; Guitaring; Questions; It’s New. VG condition, mailing label on back.

Nov 22,  · Shop for the peavey triple xxx 2×12 w amp and receive free shipping on your order and the guaranteed lowest g bangladase must include bangladase. Guitar amplifier test peavey , mesa boogie dual rectifier 3 channels, peavey triple xxx by the years thy memory will shine like a star over my lonely life, as that.

In fact, there are no knobs so it is rather the interaction of all the settings that is well thought out and who can have a huge choice of sound. In fact, the versatility of the amp that you just make choices for certain inappropriate adjustments style zik. However, it takes time and patience to understand and optimize the settings in this amp! For it is also possible to have his plea, see wrong with the RK if we did anything like settings.

For example, I remember being very disappointed when I first use, by channel 4, I was expecting to have a sound insane and there that slab, a fat slobbering not incisive Then we understand that the master channel is not a simple volume knob!

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Use our knowledge and experience to choose a vacuum tube package that will work great in your amp. Our tube replacement sets or packages are designed for your amp and come in different option levels ranging from Value to Premium to Vintage. With this, you can get improved tube amp tone and still meet any budget. We have found that our Premium Packages are what most customers choose. These tubes will provide your Mesa Boogie amp with great tone for a reasonable price. For those who need to re-tube for less, our Value Packages consist of excellent sounding vacuum tubes for lower cost.

Serial Number on an Original Mark I Snakeskin combo that guards Randall Smith’s office at Mesa H.Q. (click to enlarge or for gallery) If you’ve ever had a hard time finding the serial number on your Boogie, this info will help.

Afficher l’avis original If there were ever a Holy Grail tone or amp from Mesa Boogie this amp would be it. So many people have search high and low for this amp and they seem today very hard to come by. Occasionally you will see one pop up on ebay or one of the forums, but it is far and between. This amp has the most aggressive yet selectable tone ever existing in the Mesa line of amps.

Many like the Rectifier for their over the top aggressive tone and meaty saturation. Another reason why so many people love this amp is because it was widely known as the tone for Metallica. Since Metallica’s reign upon the metal world they have been copied mimicked up one side and down the other. Since they ever increasing popularity, many guitars players have sought out after this tone. Where the control knobs are on the top and the chassis is upside down.

If you got one with the parametric EQ then you will find that most people will sculpt there slides in a V shape setting. This will knock out the midrange a little bit which was highly recommended by many users over the years. Another thing with the Mark series the over use of the treble knob. Every Mesa Mark series i have ever played or someone I knew played always had the treble boosted a tone. I think the way the amp is made the treble gave it a bit more sizzle and gain when cranked up higher.