LAB Series L5 amp: RCA transistor equivalent?

Good, solid construction, filter capacitors that could sink a destroyer and good sounding circuitry It was the coolest solid state amp I’ve heard. It’s the only solid state guitar amp I ever really liked. King and Ty Tabor like them, too! The clean tone is excellent. The built-in distortion is OK, but the amp sounds better with a good distortion pedal, or using a small, overdriven tube amp as an overdrive. The parametric mid on the second channel is very cool one of the better two knob parametric mid controls made , as is the built-in compressor. The reverb is pretty good except at extreme settings.

My new Gibson Lab Series L7

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LAB SERIES L5 — vintage 70’s/early 80’s solid state amp — naturally you know what this is if you are looking at it; not going to go on and on about who has used them in the past. Everything works except the reverb, original tank is intact, could be minor.

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A couple of problems. Someone replaced the speakers and it has 2 Eminence 12″ wired as 4 ohm. The back panel says 8 ohm minimum. I assume it would be better to wire them in series for 16 ohms according to that warning, right? Would someone else who owns this amp be willing to help me. Mine has been fitted with one of the smaller shorter — 9″ pans.

Norlin Gibson Lab Series L5 OWNERS MANUAL!! L5 Amp Voodoo. Lab Sparkle Drive MOD Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal Layered Clean Boost. With a Gain Changer & Direct Drive you can cover a wealth of overdriven sounds or else it’s I’ve got a Tone Press, a Gain Changer.

The Oklahoma prairie mdporter said: The LabSeries L5 is used but in really good shape. The L5 is heralded by some as a great SS amp, but it could be 40 years old. The Mustang is new from GC and I would get the 4 switch foot pedal. My son and I play classic rock and blues. Which amp do I get? I bought an L5 new in either or ’77 from the music store I was working at. I gigged with it in a two-amp rig from the time I bought it until , during which time it saw a lot of gigs and spent a lot of time being jostled in a covered trailer.

During this time, it only had to be in the shop once for repair, except for another issue I’ll address in a moment. I used the Multifilter some, but not a lot.

Lab Series L5 L-5 Amp Vintage

He got a spectacular tone out of it. A friend that owned a local music store in the eighties told the tale of how he was called by Ty back then. Ty always called around to the local stores while touring looking for Lab amps to buy up as spares.

Lab series l5 guitar amp – roadkills-r-us Lab Series L5 Guitar Amp my favorite solid with schematic, parts information, and service notes, I think for free I’ve never seen an owner’s manual, Medialab, inc – official site Cloud-Based Software for the Lab Quote Take control of .

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Their second album, One of a Kind , was released in and featured extensive contributions by Holdsworth, but by this point he wished to pursue his own musical aspirations and soon left the group, albeit with some reluctance.

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The Lab Series L5 is a 2×12″ solid state combo amplifier made in the 70s featuring Gibson & Moog technology. Part of this amp’s fame comes from BB King, who has been using Lab Series .

Mon, May 07, 9: Fri, Jun 23, 9: Thanks for the replies guys. I’m not desperately looking for this eq. I’m just putting together a “Gretchen” rig and I was thinking about adding an eq. It looks to me like it is set mostly flat except for the highest frequencies. So he’s basically trying to get rid of some hiss. There is a fair bit of hiss with the rig I have and I was thinking of doing the same.

Aion Electronics Lab Series L5 Preamp from Alchemy Audio